Auditoria de SEO

Auditoria de SEO

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Types of Audit


Ideal for those who want to build a solid foundation and sustainable growth.

Main topics covered:

Loading speed test and Core Web Vitals metrics.

Analysis of source code and important HTML tags for SEO.

Review of SEO rules and behavior by page type.

Analysis of internal crawl quality (crawl budget).

and more!


Ideal for those who produce or will start producing content and want to leverage organic traffic.

Main topics covered:

Assessment of content quality and competition among pages.

Analysis of how content is interpreted by search engine robots.

Mapping of technical content errors in texts, images, and links.

Analysis and cleaning of content misaligned with the brand's business objectives (content pruning).

and more!


Ideal for those who want a 360-degree strategy to unlock website growth.

Main topics covered:

A comprehensive SEO audit, covering technical and content aspects.

Analysis of access history and relationships with Google updates.

Keyword positioning assessment and comparison with competitors.

Comparison of Core Web Vitals metrics with competitors.

and more!

Who is It Recommended For

The SEO Audit is recommended for various company profiles. It is important for sites in development and expansion, especially to ensure that the launch follows search engine guidelines and best practices. It is also suitable for sites experiencing traffic drops or penalties, companies planning mergers and acquisitions, or those aiming to boost their results. The SEO Audit is a fundamental service for anyone looking to correct or improve their SEO strategy.


Mergers & Acquisitions

In cases of mergers and acquisitions, it is essential to ensure that site integration occurs effectively in terms of SEO. The SEO audit is indispensable to avoid damage to the online presence of both companies, ensuring page optimization and preserving organic traffic.


Organizational Needs

For companies looking to organize their brand's site in a strategic and optimized manner, the audit is essential. It provides precise instructions for reorganizing site environments and eliminating errors and issues that impact SEO results, helping to improve the digital presence.


Growth Aspirations

For companies wishing to increase their online visibility and improve their rankings in search engines like Google, an SEO audit should be considered. It provides valuable insights into what is working and what needs improvement in SEO.


Penalized Sites

For sites that have suffered penalties or significant traffic drops due to algorithm updates. The SEO audit is an essential tool to identify causes, guide problem resolution, and recover organic performance. We map all improvement points so that results start to grow again.

How We Do


SEO Dashboard

Using our own dashboard, Ecto Tools, we provide a complete view of project activities, making it easier to manage and monitor SEO tasks, experiments, and results.


Agile Methodology

We work in an agile manner, using the Kanban methodology for task organization and meetings to define next steps. This allows us to be efficient and adaptable to each client's needs.



Our goal is to make SEO accessible and understandable to everyone. We use clear and objective language, describing in simple terms what needs to be done to improve positioning and increase organic website traffic.

Stages of an SEO Audit


Scenario Analysis

In the scenario analysis, we understand the purpose of the audit and the main challenges. By mapping the current landscape, we identify priorities and lay the groundwork for the next steps.

Structural Cleaning

Structural cleaning is essential for SEO optimization. We check how content is interpreted by search engines, test mobile usability, and review various other technical SEO elements.

Content Cleaning

Content cleaning focuses on reviewing and modifying existing site information. We analyze and suggest improvements for content tracking, source code, sitemaps, indexing, and on-page elements.

Improvement Guidelines

Based on the site analysis and cleanings, we provide detailed recommendations. We provide targeted guides for effective and appropriate optimization that leads to SEO result growth.

Final Report

We certify the correct validation of implementations made from the audit deliveries. The goal is to ensure that what was advised is properly implemented on the site, making it optimized with the best SEO practices.

What We Look for

In an SEO Audit, Ecto Digital carefully examines each fundamental aspect for good organic performance. Our goal is to identify both strengths and weaknesses of your site, enabling the creation of personalized strategies to optimize your online presence. We analyze everything from indexing to content duplication, encompassing technical and content aspects that directly impact how search engines interpret and rank your site. Each of the following areas is thoroughly examined by our team of experts.

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