Elevamos expectativas

Elevamos expectativas

Resultados surpreendentes com estratégias de SEO inteligentes.

Our History

Our history began in late 2019 when Ecto was founded by Ruan Barbosa, a Physics teacher, Education Master, and SEO Specialist. With over 10 years of experience in the field, Ruan planned and coordinated strategies for small, medium, and large websites. Inspired by the movie ”Ghostbusters”, he adopted the name Ecto, referencing the vehicle from the film. Similar to the Ecto-1, which provided support and helped the protagonists overcome challenges, our mission is to be the necessary support to attract people interested in your product or service. We offer robust SEO solutions, supported by technology and integrated with other channels. With these elements, we aim to increase visibility and organically generate qualified leads for our clients' digital projects. With a team engaged and committed to client outcomes, Ecto has forged important partnerships in the national and international markets. We believe that the experience and expertise of our professionals in the digital marketing world allow us to understand the needs of both clients and service providers. Therefore, we offer effective resources and guidance that go beyond mere paper projects or slide presentations. We provide guidance that makes the project come to life! At Ecto, we value honesty and respect for others as the foundations of our culture. Our vision is to be a company recognized as a reference in the Brazilian SEO market, offering solutions, tools, and content that positively impact the SEO landscape.

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Ecto is much more than an SEO company. It's the materialization of my passion for digital marketing and for delivering meaningful results to clients. With a talented and dedicated team, we are revolutionizing the market by creating innovative strategies and personalized solutions.

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Ruan Barbosa

Fundador da Ecto


We Are

Passionate About SEO and Data

Experts in attracting

qualified clients

organically through SEO.


A Complete Team


Get to Know Our Tools

Our exclusive technology goes beyond the ordinary. Focused on digital marketing, we have developed innovative tools that leverage SEO performance. Designed to meet market needs, our tools are the key to agile and effective management, enabling precise control over SEO projects, local marketing, and optimized content.

Ecto Tools


Ectools is a multifunctional tool that assists in managing SEO projects, allows monitoring keyword rankings, and enables structured documentation of SEO actions and strategies, streamlining the process.

Enables unified management of SEO projects.

Enhances communication among those involved in the activities.

Allows efficient tracking of task progress.

Facilitates the creation and monitoring of SEO experiments.


Locasty is a tool dedicated to Local SEO, ideal for enhancing your company's visibility in the region where it operates. It offers precise features to put your business in the spotlight in local search results.


Improved brand visibility in the local market.

Enhanced audience segmentation.

Expansion of potential customer base.

Maximized online presence in local markets.

Ecto Hub

Ecto Hub

Ecto Hub is an innovative blog platform that uses a headless CMS for content management. This tool provides robust and scalable integrations to boost the reach and impact of your produced content.

An alternative to WordPress.

Flexibility with a headless CMS.

Effortless management of blogs.

Robust and scalable integrations.

Successful PartnershipsSide by side, we achieve incredible results. We are a strategic partner that combines expertise in SEO and data to drive the success of our clients.
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