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Local SEO

O SEO Local destaca o seu negócio nas buscas locais, atraindo clientes da sua região e explorando novos canais de vendas.


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Local SEO


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How It Works

Local SEO is a search optimization strategy that enhances the visibility of local businesses in search engines. We work with our own tool to improve geographical reach in local searches and attract nearby customers.

Data Cleansing

We meticulously cleanse and verify the consistency of the company's data in search platforms and local directories. This step is crucial to ensure the accuracy of the address, operating hours, company description, and other details.

Detailed analysis of business information consistency.

Identification of technical flaws in Local SEO.

Ensuring accuracy of company data.


Local SEO optimization involves improving the website and the company's profile on Google Business Profile. We focus on enhancing local information, incorporating relevant keywords, and creating effective local targeting to improve rankings in local searches.

Enhancement of Google Business Profile, website, and local directories.

Strategic incorporation of local keywords.

Creation of effective local targeting.

Local Searches

For local searches, we map keywords aligned with the client's location and business niche. The goal is to attract qualified traffic, increase visibility, and generate business from geographically relevant queries on search platforms.

Precise mapping of local keywords.

Segmentation based on geographical relevance.

Boosting visibility in local queries.

Meet Locasty


Local SEO Tool

Locasty is our tool that focuses on optimizing Local SEO for physical locations. By utilizing best practices, you can increase the visibility of your local business, attracting nearby customers.


Scalable SEO actions

With our tool, we can scale SEO optimizations for businesses with multiple locations. This way, you can increase your company's visibility in local searches, making it easier to attract nearby customers.


Data intelligence

With our tool, we can scale SEO optimizations for businesses with multiple locations. This way, you can increase your company's visibility in local searches, making it easier to attract nearby customers.

Offline Purchases Online Search

The advancement of technology and the digital medium have driven a significant change in consumer behavior. People now conduct online research before making purchases or visiting a physical store. Whether it's to compare prices, check reviews, or simply find the nearest location, search engines are the first stop in the consumer's buying journey. This phenomenon is known as 'ROPO' - Research Online, Purchase Offline - and highlights the importance of Local SEO for any physical business.


of people search for business hours on Google Maps

3 out of 4

consumers use a search engine to find a business

7 out of 10

make a purchase at a business found through Google search


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Local Results

Local SEO is a critical strategy for businesses that serve customers in a specific geographic area. By focusing on improving visibility in search results near the user's location, our local SEO work optimizes your company's website and online profiles to appear in local search results. So no matter where your customers are looking, they'll find you.

Local competition: less direct competition, standing out in your area of expertise.

Organic results: increased visibility for local searches without advertising costs.

Higher conversion: reaching a more relevant target audience, increasing the conversion rate.


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At Ecto Digital, we work in various SEO scenarios, overcoming challenges and creating opportunities. Our focus is on customizing strategies for each situation, driving efficient results in different contexts.


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Whether you're a startup at the beginning of your journey, a well-established blog, or an e-commerce store seeking visibility, we have an SEO plan for you. Each client is unique to us, and we treat each scenario with the appropriate strategy.

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