SEO para Blogs

SEO para Blogs

Alinhamos estratégia de conteúdo com SEO, maximizando a exposição do seu blog, atraindo e engajando leitores.

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Areas of operation

Ecto Digital operates intensively in the structuring and execution of SEO content strategies for blogs. We understand that with the right direction, the blog becomes a powerful tool for organic growth and attracting qualified leads. Our work involves a deep approach to keyword research to understand the relevant keywords for the blog, as well as the behavior of the target audience. This way, we can align content strategy with the needs and interests of users. Content production, in turn, is guided by SEO techniques that maximize article visibility in search results. In addition, we work with continuous optimization of existing posts, ensuring that they remain up to date and relevant to readers and Google.

SEO optimized content


Goal definition

Goal definition is essential to guide SEO strategies for blogs. Whether it is to increase organic traffic, improve search engine rankings, or increase sales, clear and measurable goals are necessary.

Persona identification

Identifying personas allows for the construction of an effective content strategy. It is essential to understand the target audience, their needs, desires, and behaviors in order to create relevant and engaging content.

Search behavior

Analyzing search behavior provides valuable insights into the most searched terms and trends within the niche. This allows for content optimization for more relevant keywords and leverages visibility in searches.

SERP mapping

Mapping search engine results pages (SERPs) is essential for understanding the blog's performance in search engines. This includes evaluating page positions in search results, factors that influence these positions, and how to optimize to improve rankings.

Topic structuring

By creating a structured agenda, it is possible to plan content production efficiently. This includes defining topics, researching keywords, content layout, and other specifications.

Content production

Content production involves creating SEO-optimized texts with relevant keywords, meta tags, subheadings, internal links, and visual elements that make the content attractive and easy to read.


Revision is a crucial step to ensure the quality of the content. In addition to correcting grammatical and typographical errors, it is important to review SEO and ensure that the content is optimized and aligned with the defined goals.


Publishing content is the final step, but no less important. It is essential to ensure that the content is published at the right time, following a publishing calendar, and that it is adequately promoted to reach the target audience.

How we do it


SEO Dashboard

Using our own dashboard, Ecto Tools, we offer a complete view of project activities, making it easier to manage and track SEO tasks, experiments, and results.


Agile Methodology

We work in an agile manner, using the Kanban methodology to organize tasks and meetings to define next steps. This enables us to be efficient and adaptive to each client's needs.


We Simplify

Our goal is to make SEO accessible and understandable to everyone. We use clear and objective language, describing in simple terms what needs to be done to improve website rankings and increase organic traffic.

More than just writing

Producing SEO content goes far beyond just writing. It is a detailed strategy that involves optimizing various distinct elements to ensure the best performance possible. Understanding the target audience, strategically selecting keywords, optimizing titles and meta descriptions to achieve a high CTR in the SERPs, all of this is an essential part of the process. Additionally, proper content hierarchy, creating high-quality texts, seeking continuous improvements, and optimizing images are also fundamental. Regular analysis of results allows for monitoring performance and making necessary adjustments to further improve visibility in search engines. Therefore, SEO work is both a science and an art that goes beyond simply putting words on a page.

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