SEO para Startups

SEO para Startups

Da criação à expansão, estruturamos uma estratégia de SEO sólida para Startups. Nosso objetivo é seu crescimento sustentável e a longo prazo.

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Ecto Digital understands that startups have unique challenges when it comes to SEO. We are experts in developing and implementing robust SEO strategies for startups, tailoring them to their specific needs and business goals. We work with a focus on structuring solid SEO and growth-oriented strategies. As a result, we significantly increase the online visibility of startups, attract more traffic, and convert them into customers. If your startup is ready to leverage its digital potential, Ecto Digital is here to make it happen.

SEO Steps for Startups


SEO Cleanup

This is the process of reviewing and auditing SEO technically. We identify technical and indexing issues that may affect site crawling, indexing, and ranking. The main goal is to ensure that the site's structure and content comply with best SEO practices.


This stage involves immersing ourselves in understanding the startup's business, segment, and market peculiarities. It is where we map out the project's success KPIs according to the startup's needs and objectives.

Competitor Analysis

Competitor analysis allows us to learn about SEO strategies of similar companies. We examine their strengths and weaknesses to reinforce our strategy, focusing on organic growth opportunities.

Quick Wins

In this phase, we prioritize the development of actions that require less effort for implementation but can yield good results in the short term.

On-Page Optimization

In this step, we make technical adjustments to the page to improve its ranking. This may include content improvements, HTML structure, optimization of meta tags, and other elements that enhance ranking.

Content Strategies

We work on creating and optimizing relevant and valuable content to attract, engage, and convert users. We consider the target audience's needs, relevant keywords, and create an effective editorial calendar.

Agile Methods and SEO

At Ecto Digital, we understand that startups are dynamic and agile in adapting to market changes. Therefore, we apply agile SEO methods to our work, flexibly, efficiently, and result-oriented in tracking and optimizing the digital growth of these companies.

Lean Strategy

We develop concise SEO plans focused on maximizing performance with the fewest possible actions, making them iterable.

Agile Management

We use agile methods to manage SEO projects, promoting flexibility and adaptability to market changes.

Rapid Prioritization

Through analysis, we quickly define which actions will have the most impact on SEO performance and prioritize their implementation.


We work in sprints, allowing SEO updates to be implemented and tested rapidly, resulting in continuous improvement.


SEO Focus for Startups

SEO is vital for startups as it can help establish a digital market presence, essential for growth. A good SEO strategy has the potential to increase the startup's visibility in search engines, boosting organic traffic to the website. Utilizing SEO also ensures a better return on investment compared to other traffic acquisition methods. Additionally, it provides a solid foundation for your startup, optimizing the site for an excellent user experience, which is crucial for search engines like Google. SEO is a long-term investment, but the benefits generated are long-lasting. With the right strategies, you establish a sustainable growth journey for your startup. Below are some items we analyze in an SEO project for startups that directly impact results:

How We Do


SEO Dashboard

Using our own dashboard, Ecto Tools, we provide a complete view of project activities, making it easier to manage and monitor SEO tasks, experiments, and results.


Agile Methodology

We work in an agile manner, using the Kanban methodology for task organization and meetings to define next steps. This allows us to be efficient and adaptable to each client's needs.



Our goal is to make SEO accessible and understandable to everyone. We use clear and objective language, describing in simple terms what needs to be done to improve positioning and increase organic website traffic.

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