SEO para Lojas Virtuais

SEO para Lojas Virtuais

Fornecemos estratégias de SEO para impulsionar seu comércio eletrônico, aumentando tráfego, conversões e vendas.

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Areas of Expertise

At Ecto Digital, we specialize in SEO for Ecommerce, focusing on optimizing search engine rankings and increasing conversion rates. Our work involves analyzing and implementing SEO strategies to enhance e-commerce performance. User experience is crucial to us, as we strive to improve navigation and make it easier for customers to find what they're looking for, thereby increasing conversion opportunities. We also focus on optimizing product, category, and subcategory descriptions. Additionally, we analyze page load speed, a key factor for both SEO and user experience. With our own SEO tools, we monitor and extract valuable insights to enhance your strategy, allowing e-commerce businesses to significantly increase their return on investment in SEO.

How we do it


SEO Dashboard

Using our own dashboard, Ecto Tools, we offer a complete view of project activities, making it easier to manage and track SEO tasks, experiments, and results.


Agile Methodology

We work in an agile manner, using the Kanban methodology to organize tasks and meetings to define next steps. This enables us to be efficient and adaptive to each client's needs.


We Simplify

Our goal is to make SEO accessible and understandable to everyone. We use clear and objective language, describing in simple terms what needs to be done to improve website rankings and increase organic traffic.

Essential SEO Elements for Online Stores

Understanding the world of SEO for online stores is crucial for those aiming for excellence in the digital market. In online stores, SEO plays a crucial role, as it allows an e-commerce business to increase its visibility and, consequently, its sales. At Ecto Digital, we work strategically, exploring the details of your industry, studying your competition, and identifying the best opportunities. Our objective is to optimize your online store for solid and lasting results, with a focus on increasing qualified traffic and maximizing conversion rates. By doing so, we can improve your rankings, making your online store more visible and profitable.

Platform Change

A platform change is a critical moment for the SEO of an online store. Without strategic planning and technical knowledge, organic traffic and the positions gained over time can be compromised. It is not enough to choose a platform based on costs and design alone; it is essential that the chosen option is compatible with SEO practices. This means the platform should allow full control over SEO elements such as URLs, page titles, meta descriptions, alt attributes for images, and have an architecture that search engines can easily crawl. At Ecto Digital, we deeply understand the impact of platform choice on SEO and provide assistance throughout this crucial process.


URL Control

It is essential that your e-commerce platform allows you to manage page URLs. Clean and optimized URLs can improve not only the browsing experience but also the visibility of your store on search engines.


Titles and Meta Descriptions

Title tags and meta descriptions play a crucial role in search engine optimization. They help identify the content of your page and are displayed in search results.


Image Attributes

If search engines can "read" your images through appropriate image attributes, it can improve your site's accessibility and increase its SEO potential.



Search engine robots must be able to correctly crawl your site. The structure and hierarchy of your site can facilitate crawling and improve performance in search engine rankings.


Loading Speed

A slow-loading website can deter customers and hinder your search engine rankings. Therefore, it is important to choose an e-commerce platform that offers excellent loading times.



Ensuring your e-commerce website is responsive means it will function and display correctly on all devices. This is crucial for a positive consumer experience.


XML Sitemap

An XML sitemap helps search engines understand the structure of your site. When considering a platform change, choose one that supports the creation and easy management of sitemaps.



Security should be a priority for better search engine rankings and customer trust. Research the security measures offered by the platform you are considering.



SEO optimization with a focus on local searches for websites and Google Business Profile listings, as well as other local platforms.



Having access to reliable technical support is crucial. Before choosing an e-commerce platform, make sure it offers assistance, especially regarding SEO adjustments, if needed.

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